In 2003, Forma began to sell and manufacture bakery equipment by introducing itself to the international market as an integrated network of carefully selected and highly specialized manufacturers. Today Forma offers a unique and complete range of high-quality professional equipment, by covering the entire baking process, starting from the mixing, dividing, molding, ending to the proving and baking. Each partner contributes to the technical growing experience that provides outstanding daily results.
Quality and innovation: we search for new technological solutions that enhance the best final products at an affordable price.
These technical innovations are the result of continuous studies and development.
Reductions in costs, guarantee an important place in international competition and constant development promotes a more intensive productivity and efficiency. Because our structure is simple and streamlined, we manage to minimize indirect costs without affecting industrial research and technological development.

To sum up, the combination of quality and value is our guiding line; that is why we are committed to offering the best equipment at the best possible prices.


Several factors brought Forma to the success, by distinguishing its work from the rest of global market.
Constant focus on the product,  with an emphasis on specialization, innovation and development of new technological solutions.
A broad range of products for a broad range of users: a complete range of high-performance equipment offering excellent quality and reasonable prices.
An active presence in foreign markets provides an important international feedback and inspiration for constant developing.
A flexible business model that can manage production and logistics more efficiently.
Constant growth in terms of sales and turnover. 


Commercial expansion and industrial development.
Because Forma established itself successfully over the last two decades, the company is expanding its commercial activities on the international stage and creating a foreign sales network by using independent dealers.
Elevated brand visibility,
based on a new marketing strategy and a detailed range of products. We offer the most comprehensive and best-integrated range of bakery equipment.

Our network of dealers. Our goal is to optimize sales penetration in each national market and to promote the brand towards end users.


The Company manufactures and distributes professional bakery and pastry equipment.
As a manufacturer, the company produces on demand o satisfy specific customer requests. Our range of products covers the entire bakery process, starting from mixing, dividing, and molding, ending to proving and baking.
Mixers, dividers, molders, proving and retarding chambers, ovens and baking equipment, trays and trolleys, all our products follow the highest standards, requested by the international market. Our range of products offers a complete solution to the dealers, by looking for modernization and reorganization lines. We guarantee the highest standards, with the most competitive costs, according to each geographical context. Moreover, the quality of service is important. In our opinion, good service is not only the obtainment of high-quality results, but it is also the supervision of how this product is delivered to its buyers. We strive to provide the best solution for each customer’s requirement, by granting a prompt and punctual delivery. Installation and after-sales services   are also granted. Moreover, the Company offers a fast response  to any question that might arise.


Savings in production costs, constant innovation, compliance with an increasingly strict regulatory framework, these are the objectives that guide our company, in the name of customer’s satisfaction.
Ongoing investment ensures more efficient production processes and the opportunity to exploit economies of scale and economies of learning.
The production process starts with the research and development  phase, which is followed by design, product engineering and finally by the manufacturing process itself. At this point, however, our work is still not over. We have quality control, storage, commercial distribution, installation, testing, and our after-sales service to consider.
Efficiency and effectiveness have become our watchwords. This is the only way to guarantee consistency and quality. The way to excellence.